Convertible Tubular Shelving

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Here at Garage Shelving, our range of Tubular Shelving is perfectly suited for your home or workplace requirements. Not only do our Tubular Shelving systems allow for increased visibility and reduced dust collection they can also be converted with Add On Bays and hardboard covers, if required, to convert the tubular shelves into standard shelves.

All our Tubular Shelving systems come with a tough, scratch-resistant powder-coated paint finish so you can ensure our products will stand the test of time regardless of whether it’s in your home or workplace. Our Tubular Shelving is also suitable for damp, and wet environments with the space between the tubes allowing for drying, without the problematic issue of water gathering on shelves. 

As well as standard duty tubular shelving, we also offer a heavy-duty option with a large range of size variations for both. 

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