Heavy Duty Shelving, The Best Shelving There Is.

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Are you searching for a strong and durable storage unit for your warehouse, factory?

If yes, then Garage Shelving’s heavy duty shelving units is most definitely the best answer to your storage needs. They are available in a range of widths and depths. Each unit comes with a high-quality paint finish to ensure utmost aesthetics and protection of the bays from any possible corrosion.

Whether you need four, five or six level bays our Heavy Duty Shelving range gives you plenty of options in terms of sizes and possible configurations. These industrial shelving units, although strong and sturdy, are easy to assemble and have protective feet and top caps included.

Heavy duty shelving is best suited in warehouse applications, which is why the Heavy Duty range features a great number of accessories, from cantilever shelves, ideal for end of aisle storage, and retaining hoops to sensor lights and other such items. If you need industrial shelving kits, then you can save money with our heavy duty shelving range, as we also offer you heavy duty units with euro containers included, industrial bays with archive boxes and really useful boxes, as well as trolley shelving units and tyre racks.

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