Medium Duty Shelving, Ideal for Any Environment

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Looking for a versatile, sturdy, reliable, all round decent shelving unit that works in near enough any environment ? If so, our medium duty shelving units is an ideal storage solution for you. With a wide range of height, widths and depths and colours we are confident we have something for you.

Customisable, configurable and versatile our medium duty shelving units really are up to the job. Capable of carrying up to 250kg UDL these are sure to stand the test of time, all without breaking the bank. As well as being strong and durable, the high-quality paint finish ensures that your shelving unit looks the part too whilst preventing any possible corrosion or rusting.

All the medium duty shelving units are stand-alone but can also be fixed to the wall. The assembly if the shelving units is easy and fast. It actually requires just one tool, a mallet. The process is entirely boltless. All the units are equipped with protective feet to protect both the floor and the unit itself.

On buying any medium duty shelving unit, it is delivered to you within 48 hours. It sure is the most ideal way to eliminate clutter in any storage space, and ensuring safety and order. Go ahead, pick a medium duty shelving unit of your choice!

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