Stylish Chrome Wire Shelving

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Our Chrome Shelving allows for increased light and air penetration making it ideal for display items, shops, restaurants, kitchens and office storage. Garage Shelving offers a wide range of chrome shelving units, which are easy to assemble and are complete with adjustable shelves and feet.

Made entirely of steel, we offer heavy duty chrome shelving with a capacity of up to 200kg per level (UDL). What makes this system particularly special the wide range of accessories available so you can make it work for you. Clip on labels, to acrylic shelf covers, shelf dividers and various other display options which make it ideal for retail display or stock storage.

Our garment poles, hooks, and round shelves make our chrome shelving perfect for holding and storing clothes and other items; our chrome shelving units can also be converted into mobile shelving units by using chrome castor wheels, the added buffers offer protection for whenever the shelving is moved.

You can extend your Chrome shelving by purchasing add on bays allowing you to store more in a cost efficient and economical way.

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