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Our easy-to-manoeuvre industrial trolleys and heavy-duty dollies are essential for warehouse operations when moving containers and bulky stock items around the workplace. With plastic-covered handles, our shelf trolleys feature plastic-covered handles for better grip and non-marking swivel wheels, holding up to 200kg each.

If you’re looking for heavy duty trolleys, we also offer nestable stock platforms that can carry a maximum of 320kg and container dollies that feature a maximum load capacity of 980kg if you choose the model with the handle. The general purpose platform trolleys are designed with chrome uprights and angled handles, and are ideal for production areas and workshops, but also for offices and hospitals.

Our small parts cabinets and trolleys are ideal for small parts storage and for jobs where regular mobile picking is required. With easy to move, durable wheels, and secure locking doors these versatile units are built for almost any task.

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