Premium Distribution Container


  • Made of strong, impact-resistant polypropylene
  • Temperature resistant between -20 degrees C and 90 degrees C
  • Up to 35kg capacity
  • 75% less space used when nested
  • Adapted to Euro footprint for dollies
  • Interlocking lids with tamper proof hinges
  • Wide range of sizes available


Distribution Containers Size
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170h x 200w x 310d - 5 Ltr 190h x 300w x 410d - 16 Ltr 190h x 400w x 610d - 29 Ltr 240h x 300w x 410d - 18 Ltr 240h x 400w x 610d - 38 Ltr 290h x 300w x 410d - 22 Ltr 290h x 400w x 610d - 47 Ltr 340h x 300w x 410d - 27 Ltr 340h x 400w x 610d - 58 Ltr 440h x 400w x 610d - 74 Ltr
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